The Taco Stand is a really beautiful book with a great message for children and adults alike: the importance of family and sharing meals together. Isabel shows her love of family through her food and takes a stance at the end of the book—that is the real Taco Stand! This is the book people will taco ‘bout!
— Beth McDonald, Arizona media icon and morning radio host for over 30 years

The Taco Stand is an inspiring story that teaches children about the Mexican culture, food and most importantly about the love and connection of family. The family works together to accomplish their dream. I can’t wait to read this story to every child at our school.

The author, Tim Vasquez, has visited our school and read the book to our kindergarten class. The children sat quietly while he read the story about his family and his Mexican culture. Tim offers a meaningful lesson by bringing tacos and teaching children about Mexican food. The children anticipate his visit each year. They love the story, and of course, the tacos.
— Trisha Lucas, Director of Education, Desert Sun Child Development Center

... I loved the message the book conveyed. Money cannot buy happiness. The illustrations were colorful, fitting the book. The book contains a glossary of Mexican food terms.
— Lori Thornton, Librarian, www.librarything.com

Fantastic story about the power of family. Isabel loves cooking for her family and, with her sons’ help, sells her famous tacos on the street to help buy clothes and food for the family. People line up hoping to get some of her tacos. A wealthy man samples the tacos and tries to persuade her to open restaurants and franchises with him. She is polite and listens to him, but there is only one place she wants to be...
— Teresa Grabs, Book Reviewer

Cute story about a mother’s cooking that transforms a family life and creates a restaurant legacy for multiple generations.
— Morgan Sohl, Librarian